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Your games are among the funniest I've seen, had to laugh hard many times! Great job!

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I can't get the game to run. The red
cubes are following my mouse but pressing any key doesn't do anything. I'm using Firefox and windows 7.

FrostyRed responds:

I will install Firefox and test it on there and see if I have the same issue. Thanks for the feedback

Quite a fun game, runs very smooth!
Would be nice if the duration of the click influences how strong the car turns. And throwing a car off a cliff without an explosion is like having a 6 foot birthday cake that is just empty (and everyone sitting there waiting for a stripper to come out :-) )

It' more a demo of a game mechanic than an actual game. And the mechanic has a huge flaw, you can more than just double jump, you can just "fly" to the arrow. The engine need to keep track of how often jump was pressed after last touching a platform.

I think a simple cartoon strip would make for a much better story, and you seem to know how to draw well. I might be the only one being bothered by it, but the word "assume" in the story description is just wrong to me. The idea of a game is to be in it, not assuming :-)
Also would be nice to have some description what the items are, not all were clear to me.

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Nice humor! Would be nice if you actually have to pass levels, like a minimum score for each game. Also the mouse click seemed delayed when tossing those mexican fello...I mean RAPISTS back to where they came from.

When loading I wondered if this game was made by a Trump supporter, but then I saw the flying hair :-) .

Very nice graphics and the game runs super smooth, non stop action...well done!

snoboxstudio responds:

Thanks for your kind comment BambooHutGames! :D
We considered adding a satire disclaimer, somewhere, for that reason - but I'm glad our position was accurately conveyed :P

Would be cool if you showed the original paintings, I assume a lot of them are not under copyright? Anyhow, very enjoyable game, nice humor and educational!

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Munguia responds:

You can do it, just hover the coursor over the EYE to open it, you need to read directions

I am 30 years old, originally from Germany but traveling for about 10 years now. I have been dreaming and fantasizing about making video games since my childhood, and I finally decided to give it a shot!




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